Included, not excluded: pizza hut lauded for hiring disabled

Hiring people with disabilities is a nice thing to do. But for it to really work, it needs to be right from a business standpoint and for other employees. 

Fortunately the benefits of such a policy seem to multiple in wonderful and surprising ways for everyone involved, according to Corey Sinn. 


Dutch Haus ‘momma bears’ guide employees with disabilities

 All new employees, but especially those with developmental disabilities, benefit from having supervisors and co-workers who are patient with them.

“We watch out for them and each other. We’re like momma bears,” said Johnna Parke, kitchen manager and chef at Dutch Haus Inn and Suites, a 52-room Best Western Plus hotel and banquet facility located in Columbiana, Ohio.

Salem business recognized for hiring practices

Mark Siegal, center, owner of the Salem Giant Eagle, is presented with a plaque of appreciation for hiring individuals with developmental disabilities. Siegal’s experience with employees who have developmental disabilities is that they are “dependable, hard-working, and self-motivating,” as well as “customer-friendly, pleasant and helpful.”



Port Operator Lauded for disability hire

Pier 48 Stevedoring LLC has been recognized for hiring a person with developmental disabilities.“I am grateful to Paul Anthony and Tara Smith for approaching me with the opportunity to help an individual with life challenges,” said Larry Heck, president of Pier 48 Stevedoring.