Happily hiring Reach 4 More clients

At our company, Lisa details cars one day a week, cleans offices, floors, and the maintenance garage.
Lisa is one of the better workers. She is motivated, follows directions well, and does what she is asked.
She does her job well and works harder than people half her age.

Prior to hiring Lisa, I did not have reservations because I have been around adults with disabilities my entire life.
I know that some learn and work better than others. Therefore, I did not hesitate to hire Lisa.

I wish I had ten more of her.

I want to hire 15-18 more people with disabilities. I do not care what the public eye thinks,
if I could make a change in someone’s life by hiring them, I would like to give them the opportunity.
I cannot save the world, but I would like to hire as many people as I can.
— Don Chestnut - Owner, Chestnut Cleaning
I need hustle and comprehension skills in my workers, you have to know what you are doing and do it quick. Our workers help to wash dishes and bus tables. They have the ability and it works out well.

One special thing I noted about the workers is that they are more enthusiastic compared to other staff. They are excited to be here and always have a great attitude. Daniel tells me weekly how happy he is to work here, and that means a lot to me.

I was a bit apprehensive that Daniel wouldn’t be able to keep up. He proved me wrong by bringing the hustle I needed. His hustle was noticed by the others before I even said anything.

Half of hiring someone is seeing what they can and cannot do. You find their strength and use that. If I have a guy who can move his hands, I use that, or if they can talk well with customers, I have them help with clearing tables.

It feels good to know that they are using their skills here where a lot of places will not give adults with developmental disabilities the chance. They fit well with our team.
— Cory Sinn - Manager, Pizza Hut

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